So, to move in or not to move in?

Cohabitating relationships come in diverse types and are a dynamic form of intimate relationships, which have become an increasingly popular option for North American couples of all ages and life stages. The outcome of cohabitating unions can be influenced by several interacting factors such as individual traits of personality and gender, and relationship variables like engagement status and marital plans. While research on the effects of cohabitation has found both positive benefits and negative drawbacks of this type of union, it is ultimately up to each individual and each couple to decide if progressing into a cohabitating union is the right decision. Consider the information out there on cohabitation; know what cohabitation legally implies for your relationship; and talk about your current feelings and future intentions for your relationship; and if you choose to enjoy the experience of living together! Take a look at the Shacking Up Moving Guide at

One last resource for couples who do choose to move in together and enter a cohabitating union – you can consider establishing a cohabitation agreement for you and your partner. Check out the article in The Star for food for thought on this topic;

spouses_same_rights_as_married_couples.html, and if you’d like to learn more about cohabitation agreements visit

And whether or not you decide to move in together, may you have a happy and successful relationship!


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